Careers at Silvania Investigative Services

Our private investigators work with a diverse range of people and professions, providing services to individuals, businesses, organizations, and attorneys. Our services range from gathering and analyzing critical information on personal, financial and legal matters to performing background checks, assisting with searches for missing persons and conducting surveillance.

Each day can vary widely depending on the kind of case you are investigating. Some of these duties may include:

  • Locating people
  • Conducting interviews
  • Conducting open source searches of computer databases, public records and other resources to compile critical information for investigations, missing person cases and other cases
  • Conducting personal background checks, such as pre-employment checks, to ascertain pertinent information regarding an individual’s personal history and financial status
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence for clients
  • Writing reports or case summaries

We are always looking for experienced investigators and offer very competitive pay with ongoing training.

Interested in joining our team?